We have 7 vehicles in total, detailed as follows:
a) 3 x Off-road Vehicles – two D-Max and one Toyota Hilux.
b) 2 x Transit Connect Vans.
c) Tipper – a 6 seater, which can carry 1 tonne or pull a 2.5-3 tonne load.
d) Transit – can carry 1 tonne, or can pull a 3.5 tonne load.

Furthermore, we have 3 trailers, detailed as below:
1) Small Plant Trailer – can carry one tonne.
2) 16 foot Flat Bed Trailer – can carry a 2.5 tonne load.
3) 14 foot Flat Bed Trailer – can carry a 2.5 tonne load.

We have found that these vehicles and trailers are suitable for most jobs we undertake for our clients. They are fit for purpose, and are fully serviced, MOT’d, and comprehensively insured. In the unlikely event a different vehicle is needed for a specific job, we are able to hire an appropriate alternative vehicle. As a result, it does not matter what kind of job we have to carry out for Landscape, Conservation, Ecological, Planting, Harvesting, etc., as we are well equipped to work on a wide range of sites.

Updated April 2017