Natterjack Toads

A European Protected Species, the natterjack toad is fully protected under both domestic and European legislation. It is illegal to capture, injure or kill a natterjack or disturb one whilst in a place of shelter or rest. It is also illegal to damage or destroy a breeding site or place of rest.

One of the UK’s rarest amphibians, natterjack toads are restricted mainly to coastal habitats: sand dunes, salt marsh and lowland heath with shallow, often ephemeral ponds.

Statutory planning policy requires a survey for natterjack toads when background information suggests they may be present within or close to the application site. For a fully comprehensive survey including all survey techniques it is necessary for the surveyor to be licensed.

Based close to the Solway Coast and the most northerly natterjack population in England, OpenSpace have a wealth of experience with this species and are licensed to conduct full survey works. If needed, our mitigation would aim to minimise impacts and avoid offences being committed.

If the proposed activity is likely to result in an offence then we can provide an appropriate mitigation plan necessary for a successful EPS mitigation licence application, which would allow works to proceed.

We are licensed to conduct all works under the terms of the EPS licence, such as trapping, translocation and habitat work.

If you have any queries on natterjack toad surveys, then call us on 01228 711841 or email Our team of experts at OpenSpace will be happy to advise and we can provide a no obligation quote if you wish.

Updated April 2017