In the UK it is estimated that there are about 285 million mammals, amounting to 101 mammal species in and around the British Isles. The most numerous are Common Shrews (~42 million), Bank Voles, Woodmice (~38 million) and Field Voles (~70 million). Whilst these are estimates, we can be sure of one thing – bats are, by comparison, rare. For instance, Pipistrelle bat numbers total no more than 2 million.

Red Deer abundance is only about 360,000 in the UK. However, this may be in part due to being hunted in the past, and perhaps poached illegally even nowadays. Road traffic collisions are also a threat to deer populations, as well as being a hazard to humans and causing vehicle damage.

Certain species of mammal are protected under European legislation (European Protected Species) with others designated priority species (Section 41 NERC). Therefore, it is important to consider these species when planning a project or development to ensure the safety and well-being of both animals and humans during and post-construction.

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Updated April 2017