Peat & Habitat Surveys

Peatland in the UK harbours an abundance of species (plant life and wildlife) and has special water retention qualities that help stop water flowing through many areas in the country. If it were not for peat, then our countryside would truly never be the same – water would flow through vast areas of land destroying vast areas of wildlife and plant life.

Peat depths can vary between 0.5 m to beyond 4 m in various parts of the UK. It is often dependent on a number of factors – the amount rain in an area, the purpose the land is used for, and amount of vegetative cover to name a few.

We use specialist equipment to measure peat depth and our team of fully qualified specialists are able to carry out peat and habitat surveys tailored to your requirements.

  • Peat bog habitat surveys and assessment including NVC surveys
  • Specialist vegetation surveys – Bryophyte surveys
  • Peat depths using sonar scanners or peat rods
  • Peat volume analysis and slide risk assessment
  • Water level monitoring, hydrology & water catchment analysis
  • Water level monitoring schemes – Design and implementation (e.g. Dipwells, WALRAGS, Peat Anchors, Piezometers)
  • Peat analysis including pH, carbon, methane and other analysis
  • European Protected Species, bird survey and other wildlife species surveys and monitoring

If you require a Peat Depth Survey, or would like to discuss our surveys further, then call us on 01228 711841 or email

Updated April 2017