GIS Habitat Mapping

OpenSpace use GIS packages, such as Quantum GIS, MapInfo Professional and AutoCAD, to provide digitized maps for a variety of projects. This can include:

  • vegetation survey maps for Phase 1 Habitat surveys or NVC surveys for proposed construction projects or conservation projects
  • ditch maps (for proposed grip blocking) and peat depth maps within restoration projects
  • habitat management proposals for habitat management plans
  • bird species maps for Wintering/Breeding Bird Surveys at wind power development sites

Using such packages enables the OpenSpace team to provide detailed and reliable information about a client’s site, as well as acting as a visual aid. Our team thrives to keep updated on the use of these software packages in order to work as efficiently as possible and gain tailored information required for each project.

If you have any queries regarding GIS Habitat/Species Mapping, then call us on 01228 711841 or email us on

Updated April 2017