Common Standards Monitoring (CSM) / Site Condition Monitoring (SCM)

Common Standards Monitoring/Site Condition Monitoring (Scottish Natural Heritage) is a method of monitoring to determine the conservation status of interest features on statutory sites, such as SACs SSSIs and SPAs, to determine whether the conservation objectives for particular sites are being met. It provides a simple, quick assessment of a feature condition, which may be a species, such as breeding birds, rare plants, or butterflies, habitats, such as heathlands, standing water or woodlands, or geological. It is not intended to be all the monitoring on site, but a system to provide an early warning and this then may be followed by more limited, detailed monitoring.

A set of ‘attributes’ is identified for each of the natural features and site-specific targets are set against which the condition of each feature can be judged.  Fieldwork is then undertaken to measure the situation on the ground against those targets, to help determine whether the natural feature is in favourable or unfavourable condition – unfavourable when recovering, declining or there is no change, and favourable when maintained or recovered.

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Updated April 2017