Bryophytes are lower plant species covering mosses and liverworts, which occur in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, mires and even stone walls and brownfield sites. They are often plants located in specific microhabitats within a site.

Bryophyte surveys are more specialist surveys, which are designed with the project and site in mind as there is no standard methodology for bryophyte surveys (except a few specific survey techniques, such as Common Standards Monitoring). This can be a comprehensive bryophyte survey for a habitat management plan, a hydroscheme or a proposed development, to evaluate the site for important bryophyte communities or presence of rare species. Alternatively, it could be a specific survey for a rare bryophyte species. This would feed into an assessment in relation to conservation value, mitigation and management prescriptions.

Our bryophyte specialist at OpenSpace can help should you require a bryophyte survey. Our senior ecologist is the British Bryological Society Regional Recorder for Vice County 70 (Cumberland), and has obtained a licence for Schedule 8 moss species Hamatocaulis vernicosus from Natural England.

Email any enquiries to or telephone 01228 711841.

Updated April 2017