Extended Phase I

Phase I Habitat survey is a national standard method of environmental audit, conducted initially to categorise general habitat types and features on a specific site. The data from the survey is utilised to ascertain potential ecological value or impact and can highlight any more specialist surveys needed prior to the start of any work, such as protected species surveys or an NVC (Phase II) survey. An Extended Phase I survey is often called a Phase I Habitat and Scoping survey, as it combines what is learnt from a Phase I Habitat survey with information gathered about what further survey work will be required.

Why do I need an Extended Phase I Habitat survey?
An Extended Phase I Habitat survey conducted early in the planning process indicates any possible ecological issues, considers the presence of protected species, aids planners and statutory consultees to assess applications and fulfill legal obligations and enables developers to schedule the project and allow for any mitigation work.

How is the information presented?
A full report is produced detailing any ecological impacts. We use Mapinfo, AutoCAD and Quantum GIS mapping to provide detailed and accurate mapping. Aerial photography is used to show the area from above and can provide further insight about habitats present and terrain.

OpenSpace Cumbria Limited can save time and costs in the planning and development process by carrying out an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey ensuring all legal obligations are met. Call us to discuss any forthcoming planning or development project you may have on 01228 711841 or email enquiries@openspacegb.com.

Updated April 2017