Tree Reports


Where there are trees on a site of a proposed development there is usually a requirement to undertake a tree survey in accordance to guidance within BS 5837:2012 ‘Trees in Relation to Construction’.

The tree survey aims to make a reasoned judgement as to the importance of all trees with consideration for their conservation and landscape value. The inspection method is a standard Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) from ground level. The survey investigates the condition of each tree, including tree species, tree health, evidence of pathogens, tree structure, tree age (estimate), tree size and other observations on condition and use. The trees are categorized into four categories in accordance to guidance within BS 5837:2012, where an assessment is reached on the quality of each tree.

The root protection area (RPA) of each tree is calculated using tree girth in order to assess the potential impacts of a proposed development on this root protection area. The RPA is an area (m2) equivalent to a circle with a specified radius. This is the minimum area in m2, which should be left undisturbed by a proposed development. Mitigation measures can be recommended to reduce the potential impact on trees with regards to BS 5837:2012.

Please note that an initial tree survey can identify the need for further surveys, such as a tree inspection of bat potential roost features.

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Updated April 2017