A European Protected Species, the dormouse is protected by both domestic and European law and is protected from deliberate killing, injury or disturbance. Their breeding sites and resting places are completely protected with no requirement to show that their destruction was either deliberate or reckless.

The nocturnal dormouse lives mainly in deciduous woodland and scrub, feeding among the branches of trees and shrubs. Dormice could potentially occur in any woodland area, but certain factors affect that likelihood.

Dormouse surveys should normally be undertaken to detect actual presence or demonstrate likely absence. If operations would disturb, injure or kill dormice or destroy breeding / resting place then an EPS mitigation licence must be obtained to conduct works.

OpenSpace can conduct dormouse presence/absence surveys and if necessary our expert ecologists will provide mitigation that would aim to avoid risk of committing an offence and satisfy planning. If the proposed activity is likely to result in an offence then OpenSpace can provide an appropriate mitigation plan necessary for the gain of an EPS mitigation licence.

Mitigation often involves habitat creation/enhancement. We have equipment and machinery, as well as appropriate licences, necessary for woodland management and we can also plant trees and sow seed for habitat creation.

If you have any queries regarding dormice surveys, then call us on 01228 711841 or email Our team of experts will be happy to advise and we can provide a no obligation quote if you wish.

Updated April 2017