Ecological Mitigation

Ecological mitigation is site and species specific. It is a broad ranging scheme, plan or design that avoids disturbance or reduces impact, minimises risk and creates suitable compensation or replacement habitats / features.

Mitigation plans are required initially at the planning stage of any development and are needed to satisfy planning policy and current wildlife legislation. They also help to allay public concern and opposition and can provide enhancement for wildlife, helping to highlight the benefits of a project.

OpenSpace are experienced in the design and implementation of a range of mitigation measures and for large and small scale schemes. It is important that these plans are appropriate, achievable and can meet planning requirements.

For requirements under species mitigation licences we can provide the mitigation necessary to gain the licence and meet statutory guidelines to ensure the favourable conservation status of the species and habitats affected.

Our specialists can conduct works under the terms of the licence to ensure the smooth delivery of your targets and keep all timings to schedule. Our experience is diverse, including amphibian and reptile trapping and translocation to the creation of heated bat lofts.

Some mitigation may be restricted to seasonal species work. Please see our survey and mitigation calendar and our protected species pages for more information on individual species.

For practical implementation our OpenSpace contracting team can provide any requirements of mitigation such as the installation of wildlife fencing, pond management and habitat creation / restoration.

Our specialist ecology and contacting teams at OpenSpace will be happy to advise on your project. Please contact us on 01228 711841 or email

Updated April 2017