Ecological Consulting


There is a formal duty to take account of biodiversity, which local authorities and others must apply. This, with prior consideration of any protected species or habitat, is mandatory for all planning submissions.

Careful consideration must be afforded anywhere there is potential impact on protected species / their habitat or habitats of conservation importance. Therefore it is essential to commission protected species surveys and habitat surveys in the earliest stages of project design and planning (do bear in mind there may be a time lag while waiting for the appropriate survey season – see our survey Calendar).

If such species or habitat are found on a site, OpenSpace will advise how best to proceed and how to avoid breaching the complex and stringent regulations that exist. We can assist to ensure you do not fail in your statutory obligations. OpenSpace has many years of successful casework experience in survey, assessment, protection, prevention, mitigation and translocation work. Our team are highly trained, skilled and hold appropriate licences.

Updated April 2017