Wader Scrapes

Wader Scrapes are shallow ponds varying in size, but ideally no less than 20 square meters. They hold water and remain damp for much of the year, but can have dry periods – especially in the summer. They are best to have a non uniform design in shape as well as depth (but no deeper than one meter). This lends itself to be a support to wildlife and plant life for a larger variety of species.

Over time, much of our riverside land has been drained and flattened for either grazing, arable or public footpath purposes. However, Wader Scrapes can support many insects and earthworms – food for amphibians and birds alike. Wader scrapes can also be good for plants and water voles and dragonflies amongst other creatures. Snipe and Lapwing are just some of the birds seen on UK Wader Scrapes.

If you would like a Wader Scrape(s) on your land, then call us on 01228 711841 or email us on enquiries@openspacegb.com. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Updated April 2017