The creation of refuges such as hibernacula for amphibian and reptile species is often part of a mitigation scheme to compensate for lost habitat or a habitat enhancement plan for a nature reserve.

Our specialists can advise on and conduct works, ensuring terms of mitigation are met and keeping all timings to schedule.

The OpenSpace contracting team can provide the specialist skills, knowledge, materials and methodology to create all forms of artificial habitat and wildlife enhancement.

There is huge variation in the different ecological needs and habitats of our different species of protected amphibians and reptiles although they can sometimes merge, and what is good for one species is often good for another.

The creation of amphibian and reptile hibernacula also gives many invertebrate species suitable habitat. This can provide amphibians and some reptile species with a food source in addition to habitat, shelter and basking spots.

The basic structure of hibernacula can be created fairly quickly however this needs to vegetate, either naturally or by seeding or planting schemes and so can take time to become suitable for use. The provision of refugia such as log piles can provide valuable habitat and shelter.

Depending on the needs and scale of the project there may be additional habitat work required to clear areas and create suitable basking habitat and to link other suitable habitat.

Long term management of a site can also be required in some situations. Any cutting and strimming regimes need to be done carefully and under timing restrictions to avoid harm and damage from over management.

Our specialist team can advise further and provide a no obligation quote at your request. Please contact us on 01228 711841 or email enquiries@openspacegb.com.

Updated April 2017