Native Woodland Bulbs

Our sister company Cumbria Wildflowers supplies native woodland bulbs. The combined OpenSpace and Cumbria Wildflowers teams include experienced specialist personnel who are well used to planting native woodland bulbs as part of a nature reserve, for landowners, charities, and medium to large woodland (or developing woodland) areas.

The native woodland bulbs we can plant are as follows:
a) Celandine
b) Wild Garlic/Ramsons
c) Wood Anemone
d) Snowdrop
e) English Bluebell
f) Wild Daffodil

Note that the supply of bulbs is seasonal, please refer to the external page Native Bulbs for stock availability.

If you have a Native Woodland Bulb project, then do call Cumbria Wildflowers on 01228 711841 or email

Updated April 2017