Wildflower Creation

We have a team with a wealth of experience in Wildflower Meadows. Our close connection with our sister company Cumbria Wildflowers provides diverse experience from plant knowledge to habitat suitability. Whether it is just on a supply basis of wildflower seeds and plugs, or planting for a wildflower meadow project, our team is happy to do either. Our wildflower mixes are UK native wildlflowers and are excellent for long lasting results that produce UK native wildlfowers year after year.

Our mixes are aimed at producing long term effective results. In comparison to popular mixes, which often include poppies and are aimed at producing a relatively quick (but not necessarily long lasting) burst of colour. Many of our customers come back to us once they have seen the long term benefits of UK native wildflower meadows. Result with popular mix: no wildflower meadow at all after a few years. Result with our Wildflower mix: long lasting wildflower meadow, encouraging UK wildlife back into habitats where there had been an absence.

If you have a Wildflower Meadow project, then do call us on 01228 711282 of email enquiries@openspacegb.com. Our team of experts will be happy to assist.

Updated April 2017