River Restoration

River restoration is aimed at restoring the natural state and functioning of the river system in support of biodiversity, recreation, flood management and landscape development. This work can involve the re-meandering of river paths, improving riverbank stability, and habitat reinstatement.

OpenSpace has a wealth of experience conducting river restoration works on a variety of sites across the UK at a range of scales. Our specialist machinery and equipment is designed and built to cause minimal damage to sensitive wildlife sites, enabling us to perform our work to the highest standard. We follow stringent measures to manage environmental protection and pollution. Our machinery uses bio-oils, which break down more readily in the environment that alternative fuels.

Furthermore, our ecological team can provide advise on habitat restoration specific for species related to freshwater habitats, such as the creation of otter holts. Such river works can be required as mitigation for a development.

If you have a river project and would like to discuss how we can assist, then call us on 01228 711841 or email us on enquiries@openspacegb.com.

Updated April 2017