Ponds & Lakes

Ponds and Lakes are freshwater courses which can support large areas of developing vegetation like reedbeds and sedge swamps. They are often surrounded by wet woodlands with Alder and Willows. The perimeters can also consist of mire and wet grassland.

Our ponds and lakes can also support substantial numbers of invertebrates. This includes mayflies, dragonflies, water beetles, stoneflies, and bees. They are great for breeding and wintering waterfowl, and for supporting a range of fish. This includes rare species like Vendace, Arctic Charr and Schelly.

Furthermore, our ponds and lakes help provide vital economic benefits by attracting tourists from other parts of the UK, and abroad – as well as local regular visitors. Local hoteliers and Lake touring companies being just two of the types of business that benefit as a direct result of our ponds and lakes.

OpenSpace have a wealth of experience in surveys to establish the presence or absence of various species, as well as experience willow spilling, to help protect the surrounding woodland perimeters if required. If you would like a Pond or Lake Survey, a Willow Spilling, or a Lake or Pond Management Plan, then do call us on 01228 711841 or email enquiries@openspacegb.com.

Updated April 2017