Peatland and Mires

Peatland in the UK harbours an abundance of species (plant life and wildlife) and has special water retention qualities that help stop water flowing through many areas in the country. If it were not for peat, then our countryside would truly never be the same – water would flow through vast areas of land destroying vast areas of wildlife and plant life. Peat is of international importance and additionally Hen Harriers have been seen utilising UK Peatland.

Peat also needs to have vegetation. Peatland without vegetative cover is unstable and can be eroded by wind, water and livestock poaching. This erosion would enable peat to be stripped off, even down to the subsoil/mineral/bedrock, and end up in a watercourse.

OpenSpace have specialised excavators and Softrak equipment to enable our licensed staff to work on peatland. Our services cover peat and habitat surveying and monitoring, site and management plans, restoration plans and projects, tree and scrub removal, and peatland and wetland management work.

Peatland Restoration Plans Including Water Budget Plans

  • Habitat and landscape design projects (use of AutoCad and Quantum GIS)
  • Water budget analysis and design of water retention features
  • Design of bunds, dam structures, sluices, over flow areas, lagoons, reedbeds and other wetlands
  • Restoration plans, including re-vegetation options

Peatland & Wetland Restoration Projects

  • Creation of peat dams, peat bunds, lagoons, pools, re-grading peat edges and other peat structures, including sluices and weirs
  • Use of re-cycled plastic dams, wood dams, tin sheet dams
  • Creation of new reedbeds, lagg fen and restoration of existing wetlands
  • Grip blocking on moorland with peat, clay, heather bales and other structures

Peatland & Wetland Management Work

  • Moorland and peatland restoration including re-vegetation using native species
  • Use stone burier for restoration projects
  • Heather burning, cutting firebreaks and creating heather bales with our mini baler
  • Reed cutting using Softrak ATV with front mounted cutter
  • Design and install boardwalks, paths, fences, interpretation signs and other access features

If you have a peatland project, then call us on 01228 711841 or email where we will be happy to help.

Updated April 2017