Habitat Management

Habitat Management covers the whole spectrum of habitat related work from habitat recreation and restoration to habitat re-instatement and habitat monitoring. At times there can be an overlap between these methods.

Habitat recreation is when we are effectively starting from scratch and are re-creating a habitat in line with what would have been there originally (restoring the habitat), or as close to what would be expected to be in that particular location. Habitat re-instatement is when a habitat has been damaged and we bring it back as closely as possible to its original state.

Where a recreation/restoration or re-instatement has taken place, we are often requested to monitor that habitat to make sure the growth of the habitat is taking place as anticipated and that the plant, vegetation and wildlife are thriving. Once this has been established the project is completed and the habitat is restored.

If you require any Habitat Management work then call us on 01228 711841 or email enquiries@openspacegb.com.

Updated April 2017