Wildflower Sowing & Plug Planting

We have a large range of wildflower seeds, including Scottish varieties, and plug plants which are available to buy from our sister company Cumbria Wildflowers.

Our combined teams specialise in UK native wildflowers, seeds, plants, and plug plants. This is primarily for the purpose of encouraging UK native wildlife back into areas where they used to thrive, but for various reasons, have been absent. When a plant or flower has been imported from abroad, two things happen: (a) a foreign plant or flower grows where there perhaps used to be a UK plant or flower, (b) UK wildlife like bees and birds are driven out of an area – perhaps not deliberately.

Only UK native flowers, trees and plants can guarantee that UK wildlife will be regular visitors and contribute to a healthy garden that will be sustainable. Conversely, this is not a guarantee with a non-UK flower or plant.

To find out more about the range we have and how we can help you create habitats, call us on 01228 711282 or email enquiries@cumbriawildflowers.co.uk.

Updated April 2017