Heather Harvesting

We can Harvest seed from Meadows and Heathlands:
To expand existing habitats, local seed can be harvested from one area to be sown elsewhere. We use a brush harvester to harvest. This leaves a certain amount of stalk and chaff within the mix. The reduction in mechanical handling means that the seed has minimal damage and has a very good germination rate.

The seed can then be re-sown using our spreader the same day as green-hay, or the seed can be dried and stored to be sown at a later date. In certain cases, hand-sowing may be more appropriate.

We have experience with harvesting and selling native heather seed, as well as having experience with heather planting projects.

If you have or require a heather seed or heather planting project, then call us on 01228 711841 or email enquiries@openspacegb.com. We will be happy to discuss any heathland project you may have.

Updated April 2017